Steel Handrail Systems

Steel HandrailsStanchions (Grade 250 Steel)

48.3 OD – 40mm NB
3.2mm Wall Thickness
48.3 OD – 40mm NB
4.0mm Wall Thickness


Base Plates

  • All base plates other than AM Type
    Specification – 75mm x 145mm x 10mm
    Holes – 17.5mm dia. at 102mm centres

NOTE: Non-standard base plates manufactured to order.

  • Type AM
    Specification – 65mm x 170mm x 10mm
    Holes – 17.5mm dia. at 125mm centres

NOTE: Non-standard base plates manufactured to order.

Kickplate Mounting Brackets

Specification – 45mm x 50mm x 5mm Long Angle

NOTE: Non-standard kickplate mounting brackets manufactured to order.


Steel Handrail Measurements

Rail Specifications

    Handrail – 32mm NB (42.4mm OD) Med. Gauge
    Kneerail – 25mm NB (33.7mm OD) Med. Gauge

NOTE: Standard Stanchions are drilled to suit the rail specification above.

  • SPECIAL Orders can be drilled as follows:
    Handrail: From 25mm NB (33.7mm OD) to 40mm Nominal Bore (48.3mm OD)
    Kneerail: From 20mm NB (26.9mm OD) to 40mm Nominal Bore (48.3mm OD)

Surface Treatment

  • Hot dip galvanised (AS 4680-1989) – excluding taper pins…
  • Untreated
  • Painted
  • Powder Coated
Steel Handrail Diagram

Stanchion Spacing

Webforge Tubular Handrail System is manufactured to comply with Australian Standard AS 1657/1985. Para 3.4 of this standard recommends a maximum spacing of stanchions of 2 metres for our Standard Range.


Type Standard Weight
Heavy Duty
PC, C, CA, SA,SC 4.85kg 5.30kg Pipe Sizes:
The tolerances for pipes will depend on the pipe specification that is used.

  1. Variations in cross section
    Specified OD up to 50mm + 0.2mm
    Over 50mm OD to 75mm +0.25mm
  2. Variations in thickness + 10%

Base Plates:
All dimensions + 1mm
Thickness + 0.2mm

Sphere Drilling:
Drilled diameters 2 to 4mm oversize
Hole Angle + 1o in any direction (any 2 axis)
All stanchions except AM + 0.5o in the slope
direction only.

P, PA 4.75kg 5.20kg
W, WA, AMW 3.85kg 4.40kg
S 5.00kg 5.60kg
SO 5.35kg 5.85kg
SOAL / SOAR / SOA 5.30kg 5.60kg
AM 4.45kg 5.00kg
L 1.60kg 1.90kg
M 2.0kg 2.30kg
K 1.30kg 1.60kg
IG, IGA 6.0kg 7.0kg